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Space Satellite

1990~2000  Mission-Critical Software Systems

  • NASA Hubble Space Telescope: TMIS System → Details​

  • General Electric Medical Systems → Details​

  • Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)→ Details​

  • Samsung Aero space 

  • Hyundai

  • Lucky Goldstar, Ulsan

□ Major customers → Details​

2000~2010  Bio-Medical Stem Cell

  • ILT Japan establishment  in 2000

  • BioArts Int’l

    • Molecular Diagnostics

    • Pet Cloning

  • Stem Cell R&D​

Image by Braňo
Clean Energy

2010~2020  Sustainable Management

  • Samsung Electronics: Development for Galaxy phones/tablet App using Zeromq with iMatix corporation

  • IoT WBGT: Health & Safety (JSBA: Japan Ship Building Association)

  • Raisontech: wireless charging, stylus pen

  • N1S: Block Chain Technology (Business management) 

  • Elder Care Service Center in Hadano, Japan

  • Financial consulting  for social welfare cooperation

2020∼ Present Bio-Medical and Health Solutions

  • TDMU (Tokyo Dental Medical University)

    • SCORE Project management

  • Non-Invasive Health Care Solutions

    • Mental Health Areas

    • AI Based Digital Medicine with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

    • Micro-Current Products 

  • Preventive Medical Solutions

    • Sleep disorder (Insomnia)

    • Alzheimer

    • Depression

    • Weight control

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