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InterLinear Technology Wins Top Industry Award

March 1, 2025

Offsite Takeaways: Doing it the InterLinear Technology Way

March 1, 2025

New Startup Changing The Game

March 1, 2025

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Technology and Product

  1. AEDIS™Agile Electronic Distributed Information Solution →AEDIS EnglishAEDIS Japanese

  2. Trif-Vu™Tiled Render Interchange Format Cross Viewing Platform → AEDIS NT Trif-Vu Jan

  3. Enterprise Integration & Configuration Management Technology

  4. ISO & CALS Standards Compliance

  5. Legacy Data Management

  6. CALS consulting

  7. Publisher 2000 ™Publishing Automation for the 21st Century

  8. SymboLex™Contextual, Semantic and Symbolic Matching/Fuzzy LogicAutomated, manual, Interfile, Intrafile Linking and Hotspot Authoring

  9. JavabeansWWW Extentsion/Ultranet=Internet+Intranet(+intranet...)

  10. MIG-Server ™Multi-Line Internet Gateway ServerInternet Telephony Gateway Servers

  11. MIG-Hub™Internet Telecom Switches (1000-Line)

  12. Telecom Cards4-Line Analog POTS/4-Line Analog E&M/12-Line Digital Voice Compression Card/ T1E1 Digital Interface Card

  13. NETBox ™

  14. ParaPhone™

  15. CINC™ → White Paper

  16. UNIBOX™

  17. AECOS → White Paper

News: Our Technology
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